YSL Fragrance for Men. Learn Why They So Special

YSL Fragrance for Men. Learn Why They So Special

There are many manufacturers of really high-quality perfumery in the world, which “trail” and dizzy with incomparable notes and shades, but among all manufacturers there are elite, niche creators that deserve special attention. A striking example is the men’s perfume Yves Saint Laurent. The following article will describe the peculiarities of YSL men’s perfumes.

How did it all start?

The Parisian brand has gained worldwide fame and rightfully received the title of a trendsetter. Today it is on a par with other high-profile and well-known brands. The perfume is presented in a rich collection, and their multifaceted bouquets are suitable for a wide variety of types. Everyone will find their choice: businessmen for whom image and business style are above all, travellers discovering new horizons, fans of active sports who are not afraid to raise the bar, representatives of creative professions for whom creativity is an integral part of life.

The French house was created not so long ago – in 1961. Its founder was the French fashion designer himself, who is rightfully considered the progenitor of the unisex style. In the 60s of the last century, he joined forces with Pierre Berger, a well-known philanthropist, and industrialist from France, as well as a great friend of the couturier himself. This fact is certainly interesting for those who want to buy a Yves Saint Laurent perfume for men.

The composition of perfumes and who fits them?

As you know, each fragrance is created for a specific occasion, for everyday life, business meetings, romantic dates, etc. When choosing, be guided by your own image, character, lifestyle, status, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the time of the year. In winter, spicy and sweet notes are more attractive. Such perfumes are focused on the fact that alcohol evaporates more slowly in the cold than in the heat, and therefore the result is more persistent. Also, the winter men’s perfume Yves Saint Laurent includes collections containing notes of cognac, chocolate, and vanilla.

The other seasons are divided as follows.

Spring – playful and slightly daring features, adorned with floral and aquatic notes.

Summer – contains mint and citrus fruits, and sea notes are considered the most popular.

Autumn – shades of almond, patchouli, pepper, and juniper will help to give warmth and comfort.

This gradation should never be overlooked. A correctly selected scent and its relevance will help to make the image complete and complete. This is especially important if you are preparing for an important visit and want to make a good impression.

It is a mistake to believe that the composition pyramid for men’s Yves Saint Laurent is not as versatile as for women’s perfume. Perfumers arrange it in such a way that the scent sounds differently at different stages. The main components of the composition pyramid are nutmeg, violet, citrus, ocean, cyclamen, neroli.

Eau de toilette has a higher plume and durability, which fully corresponds to the physiological features: more active work of the sebaceous glands. The balanced shades of this brand are gradually revealed, showing striking depth and richness.

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