Wide-Fit Shoes. Best Solution for Every Season

Wide-Fit Shoes. Best Solution for Every Season

A curvaceous physique need more cautious clothing and shoe choosing. Summer models should be not only trendy, but also comfortable and appealing to the eye. Shoes are an excellent accent to any outfit since they not only improve it but also give you confidence. We understand that finding the proper feet can be difficult at times, especially if you are shopping for wide-foot shoes. But there is a solution, we have created a perfect style guide so there is no need to sacrifice style for comfort. Read further to know more.

Wide-fit shoes. Main varieties

Ballet slippers. Let’s start with the basics. Ballet flats are versatile and may be worn with a variety of outfits, including jeans, trousers, and skirts. Choose ballerinas in neutral tones; if you want more expressive shoes, consider animal print.

Trainers. This is by far the greatest option for folks who want casual, comfy appearances. They are appropriate for ladies of all ages and should be worn not only with jeans but also with dresses. Light or basic white is the best option. There are several alternatives for comfort, including lightweight and cushioned soles, which are vital if you intend to travel a long distance.

Sandals. As to the sandal, the recommendation falls upon the models with thin straps that are ideal for summer weather. You won’t even feel them. They make the foot visually thinner, the main thing is to choose minimalistic sandals without active decor. A low heel may be present, but options on a flat run can also be an option.

Mules. A very comfortable and elegant addition to your summer look. Choose available styles in faux leather or some other relevant options with transparent inserts.

Wedges. Wedges will be the best alternative to heels in this season. The main thing is to choose the most comfortable height. The look with such shoes will be feminine and stylish. Also, if you are planning to travel this summer this might be a good option to consider, especially if you want to have some heels while sightseeing.

Heels. For occasions, it is better to choose shoes with stable heels. Moreover, this applies to everyday walks as well. A thick, low heel is the best choice for a wide foot. But it is better to refuse thin heels, hairpins, as they will add disharmony to the image.

Ankle boots. Good summer option. They were designed to combine comfort, style, and support. Try lightweight options made of vegan faux leather.

The above styles are the main for the season. Choose what you like the most and go for it. All the described styles are present on our website. Note, that shoes should be comfortable. Do not torture your legs and do not buy models that are cramped. Remember, when walking, the parameters of the foot change, therefore, when the legs are in a calm state, there should be a little free space in the shoes. Find the best wide-fit shoes available on the OFFICE website.



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