Why Glutamine Is So Essential?

Why Glutamine Is So Essential?

Glutamine is considered one of the top sports supplements by many experienced trainers and professional athletes. Its reception is very important for anyone involved in sports performing intense strength loads. Keep reading to know more.

It turns out that the amino acid glutamine contributes to the rapid and efficient growth of muscle tissue. This substance is concentrated mainly in muscle and bone tissue, as well as in blood cells. Moreover, in comparison with other amino acids of glutamine, the body contains the largest amount – about 60%.

How does it work?

Glutamine directly affects the synthesis and breakdown of protein cells. Scientists and physicians have long been interested in this property. Numerous clinical and laboratory studies have been directed towards identifying the relationship between sufficient glutamine levels and protein synthesis. According to some theories, this effect may be due to the fact that enough water is supplied to the cells. At a low level, catabolic processes are triggered in the cells, whereas anabolic ones require a lot of fluid.

It has also been noted that glutamine promotes the rapid regeneration of cells damaged by the exercises. This shortens the recovery period, accelerates the healing of injuries and tears. It also has beneficial effects on the digestive system and helps fight a range of digestive problems.

Equally important is the ability of glutamine to block glucocorticoids, a special type of hormone that is produced in the body during stress, as a result of prolonged diets or past illnesses, as well as during intense strength loads. This substance is clinically indicated, for example, for people in the postoperative period or for those who have received serious burns.

In addition, when taking this amino acid, an increase in the production of growth hormone was confirmed, as well as a pronounced increase in metabolism. Thanks to this, all the nutrients and trace elements that enter the body are more efficiently distributed between tissues and cells and assimilated much better.

Glutamine increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain. This has a positive effect on such properties of brain activity as concentration, memory, and thinking ability.

How to properly take glutamine?

In a normal way of life, for a healthy person who does not experience the destructive effects of stress or increased tension, the amount of amino acid that comes along with food consumption is enough. As for athletes in preparation for a competition or intense training, an additional intake of this sports supplement is simply necessary. The daily dosage is calculated on the basis of weight, which should be multiplied by a factor of 0.2. The resulting number which is in grams is divided between 2-3 receptions. The greatest effect can be achieved by taking glutamine immediately after exercise and before bed.

Now you definitely know that glutamine is essential, not only for professional athletes but for ordinary people too. It has proven its positive effects and stimulation. If you are looking for glutamine, all you have to do is to visit Shoe Zone website. This is a place for all the supplements.



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