Why Do You Need Gel Insoles? How Can You Benefit From It?

Why Do You Need Gel Insoles? How Can You Benefit From It?

You should remember and care for your feet all year, not just before summer when it’s time to pull open shoes out of the closet. Calluses, fungus, excessive sweating of the foot, fissures, heel spurs, and overall weariness can all come from an inattentive attitude. Continue reading to find out why you should use a specific gel insole and what benefits it may provide.

Of course, selecting the proper footwear is critical for the health of your feet. Shoes should be the correct size of your feet, as lightweight and comfy as possible, and constructed of natural or synthetic, but safe materials. Also, don’t overdo it with the heel height. It is also critical to select the proper insoles. Few people pay enough attention to this issue, and it is in vain. Furthermore, the market currently provides a really nice solution – gel insoles. High-quality, well chosen gel insoles will assist ease needless tension on the foot while also providing a continual massage.

How to choose the gel insoles?

Regular gel insoles are flat containers, sometimes with multiple cavities filled with gel. But such insoles simply make the soles of our shoes softer and, accordingly, more comfortable. The “right” gel insole has a special design. It consists of two polyethylene parts, between which there is a strictly defined amount of special gel.

The gel can move freely inside the insole through special channels that respond to pressure at different points of the foot. The channel system (length, thickness, number, and location), volume, and composition of the gel are clearly calculated. This system allows the gel to be dispersed within the insole as required by the foot. This distributes body weight over a much larger area – in the absence of an insole, it falls on several small areas of the foot: the heel, the ball of the big toe, and the forefoot. It is in these places where foot problems arise. In addition, prolonged uneven load on the foot when walking or standing for a long time negatively affects the venous system. The outflow of blood and lymph is impaired, there is a feeling of heaviness in the legs, edema, pain in the spine and in the lumbar region may appear.

When is the right time to get?

Gel insoles are especially recommended to be worn in the following cases: prolonged stay on the legs, venous insufficiency and varicose veins, diabetes, heel spur, pain in the muscles of the legs and back, during pregnancy.

If the shoes are closed, the gel insoles fit well in them and do not require additional fixation. And in open shoes, in the presence of some peculiarities of the gait, the insoles may shift. Therefore, to securely fix the insoles in open summer shoes, special stickers with a double-sided adhesive surface are used.

Gel insoles are a great choice for those who care about their feet. They will effectively prevent the occurrence of various problems and will give you an easy gait and a good mood. To find the gel soles just visit the Go Outdoors website.



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