What Type of Garden Fence Will Be the Best Choice?

What Type of Garden Fence Will Be the Best Choice?

How to fence your summer garden from prying eyes? How to protect it from winds and dust, and stray animals? How to prevent the appearance of uninvited guests on it? And, finally, to make sure that work and rest in the country become as comfortable as possible, and the feeling of privacy is not violated? We will try to find answers to all these questions in this article.

A fence on the site. Purpose and main functions

The main thing to decide when choosing materials and design features of the fence is its functionality. It can be completely different and does not always include the option of protection against potential robbers. Sometimes a fence in a country house is needed simply to mark the boundaries, and sometimes it even serves only as a decorative element. If the site is located right next to the road, it is desirable to protect it with a dense structure, while a mesh fence will also allow you to “separate” from your neighbors. Therefore, we first answer the question “why” and only choose from many modern variations.

Types of fences for the garden

Wooden fence. The tree is highly valued for its excellent aesthetic properties and environmental safety. Such a fence looks very “warm” and cozy, increasing the productivity of rest and improving the appearance of the site as a whole. It is easy and pleasant to work with wood, as the material is soft and pliable – installing a wooden fence with your own hands is not difficult. The natural pattern of a tree can always be emphasized with a stain or special impregnation. However, if desired, such a fence can also be painted using compounds designed specifically for wood.

Corrugated fence. Corrugated steel sheets are very popular in the construction of fences in suburban areas. There is a simple explanation for this – corrugated board is inexpensive, lasts a long time, and is easy to install. The polymer coating reliably protects the steel from various vagaries of the weather, and the ribbed surface makes the sheets durable and resistant to mechanical stress. In addition, it gives the material an aesthetic appeal and allows you to choose from a variety of color variations.

For those who like a woody theme but the cost of natural wood seems unnecessary, a special corrugated board with a wood-like effect is produced. With the help of photo offset printing, manufacturers endow galvanized sheets with patterns characteristic of a particular species – from pine and birch to maple, cherry, and oak. Such a fence looks spectacular in the country, while the family budget does not suffer much. The most economical ones often choose a completely budget option – a corrugated board with a one-sided coating. In this case, only the front side of the sheets is disguised as a tree.

As you can see, different materials are suitable for creating a fence in a summer cottage. Each of them is able to cope with the main function of the fence – the delimitation of the territory, however, many also give the site additional protection, and some even become a worthy element of decor. The choice here depends not only on taste preferences but also on the specific purpose of the future design and the conditions in which it will serve.

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