What Necklace Should Ornament Man’s Neck?

What Necklace Should Ornament Man’s Neck?

After watches, necklaces are probably the most popular piece of male jewellery. If more adventurous representatives can wear bracelets and earrings, chains have long won even the most conservative males. What are the characteristics of men’s necklaces and how do you pick the right one? This article contains the solution.

What are the nuances of men’s necklaces?

Jewellers and designers work hard to produce items that appeal to men’s tastes. Traditionally, they strive to highlight masculinity, strength, and vitality. As a result, men’s neck chains tend to be more spectacular, enormous, and robust than women’s.

If a pendant is to be worn on a man’s chain. The pendant’s size and weight should correspond to the men’s chain (about two times lighter than the chain). A little cross on a huge chain, for example, will appear discordant. As a result, the length and thickness of the chain are determined by the suspension. It is typical for both portions of the decoration to be the same colour.

How to choose and wear man’s necklace?

The thickness and length of the chain are selected depending on the size of the owner and style preferences. The thickness of the chain on a man’s neck may vary, but too thin are usually not worn. The larger the upper part of the man, the more massive the chain is allowed. The average thickness is 4-6 mm.

The minimum length for a man of the average build is 50-55 cm. A chain of this length does not fit tightly to the base of the neck, but rather freely lies at the level of the collarbone or below. For those who like the chain to be visible from under the open collar of the shirt, this is the optimal length. If the jewellery is planned to be worn under clothes, then chains from 60 cm will fit.

Short men’s chains are more associated with a business or sporty style. They are the most common among men. As we already mentioned, on a more massive neck, chains of larger size look more harmonious, including voluminous or flat weaves.

In a more “relaxed” environment, you can often find medium-length chains. The texture of such models can be either more catchy or calm.

Like gold, silver chains are now worn by men with almost any clothing. Modern fashion imposes fewer restrictions on style and makes it possible to freely express individuality. You can wear a chain, depending on the length, under or over a jumper, T-shirt, or around the neck with a shirt with the top pair of buttons unbuttoned.

Limitations can only be imposed by the situation. For example, with a formal suit (including in the office, at a business meeting, a gala event), noticeable chains may not be entirely appropriate. You should also consider the compatibility of the chain with other accessories – watches, bracelets. Metals of the same colour usually look best together – either yellow or white.

Recently, chains made of steel have become increasingly popular. Such chains are not only beautiful and durable but also personify masculine strength and iron will.

Now you know what to choose and how to wear it. The last step is to visit the Scotts website and get your perfect necklace.



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