What Fragrance Women Should Wear In Summer?

What Fragrance Women Should Wear In Summer?

Perfumes have a lot in common with our usual wardrobe. Among them are “outfits” for any season and any time of day. Here you have a cozy winter, and elegant autumn, and, of course, refreshing summer. In addition, some fragrances become a great addition to the daytime image, while others are reserved for special occasions and “worn” only in the evenings. Since the summer is already in full swing, we at Fragrance Direct will talk about summer perfumes. What is their fundamental difference from winter scents, and what to keep in mind when choosing a new bottle of summer aroma?

What is the difference between winter and summer scents?

Many people ask the question – why are perfumes divided by seasons? After all, it is quite possible to use the same fragrance for the whole year. It’s simple Perfumes are “sensitive” not only to your skin type but also to the environment – to temperature and overall humidity. Under the scorching summer sun, the humidity drops sharply, and our skin heats up, which makes any applied perfume feel much brighter and richer.

If in the summer you use a spicy oriental or too thick floral aroma, then your presence will definitely be noticed, but in a positive manner. Such scents are quite heavy for perception and may get people around you to feel dizzy. By the way, if you are sensitive to the summer heat and do not tolerate it, the heavy odor can cause migraines, even in you.

During really high temperatures we usually lack freshness and coolness, so in summer we prefer lighter and “flying” aromas – green, sea, wine, citrus, fruit, and floral.  Eau de toilette claims the title of the ideal summer perfume. The low concentration of the fragrant composition in the heat gives a feeling of lightness.

What women should choose for summer?

We offer you several options for stylish women’s perfumes that can be a great addition to your image on hot days.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea – in the classic perfume Green Tea you can feel the distinct citrus notes: the aroma of juicy lemon, orange peel, and bergamot, which are shaded by a barely perceptible sour rhubarb. Citrus “boom” to the middle is revealed by feminine chords of cloves, jasmine, and musk.