What Benefits Your Skin Will Get If You Start Using Retinol?

What Benefits Your Skin Will Get If You Start Using Retinol?

Retinol is a chemical ingredient, a term, and a benefit when selecting a skincare cosmetic product. Some people are put off by the presence of retinol in the product’s formulation, whereas others are drawn to it like a magnet. So, what is retinol, why is it needed, is it something to be terrified of, or should it boldly take the lead in the skin and body care system? How should retinol products be used appropriately, and how effective are they? All of these questions will be addressed in our post.

The meaning of retinol

It is basically one of the forms of vitamin A. Retinoic acid – it provides the most intense stimulating effect on the cells of the epidermis. The rest of the forms of retinol, after contact with the skin, go through the path of transformation to the state of retinoic acid, which will provide the desired effect of action.

Skin adaptation and benefits

The solution affects the skin in the following way: accelerates the regeneration processes, smoothes wrinkles, brightens pigmentation, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, helps in the treatment of acne, increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, helps to fight dry skin.

The first application of the retinol cream should start in the evening before going to bed. Observe the reaction to the remedy for the next week. If peeling, redness, swelling, the rash did not appear during these seven days, you can apply a small amount of cream again and shorten the reaction time to 6 days. In the absence of negative reactions, apply the cream and wait for 5 days. So gradually, in the absence of acute reactions, go to the daily use of cosmetics with retinol.

How to apply retinol based products?

When choosing cosmetics with retinol, be sure to take into account your skin type: for dry, oil with retinol is more suitable, for oily – serum.

The effectiveness of retinol does not depend on its concentration in the composition of the product but on the form. A remedy with a minimal amount of retinol may be more effective than a highly concentrated one because retinol is in the form that quickly penetrates into the desired layer of the skin.

The sun destroys retinol. This means that any retinol product applied in the morning will be completely useless.

If you start a treatment course with retinol products, then the SPF factor in the day cream should automatically increase to the maximum.

Lack of SPF in the day cream is equal to the appearance of hyperpigmentation and flaking.

Oxygen destroys retinol. Before this ingredient gets into your cream, serum, fluid, or oil, painstaking work in the laboratory goes on to enclose the retinol in microcapsules, which are instantly absorbed by the skin cells.

For all its benefits, retinol is contraindicated for pregnant women. After a course with retinol, you are not recommended to get pregnant for the next six months.

The best retinol product you to use is the one your beautician prescribes. Let beauty be reasonable and safe, and beauty products – appropriate, effective, and of the highest quality. When you get all the necessary consultations, don’t hesitate, and visit the Mankind website to get your retinol cosmetic product.



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