What Are the Best Fitness Supplements For Women?

What Are the Best Fitness Supplements For Women?

First of all, supplements not food. But they are made as a valuable addition to the balanced diet. If you are using it all together it should improve the training sessions and help to reach great results.

Women may usually hear that supplements are not really made for them, or they will turn to a man or become really big. Well, it’s not quite accurate. They are equally good for men and women because they help to achieve goals. Read further to know more about what supplements are best for women and how they can impact them.

Vitamins. Regardless of your gender, it fits both. Every human being needs vitamins. Multivitamins are essential supplements. The lack of vitamins may occur if you do intense training. In this case, you have to replenish vitamins in order to stay in shape.

Iron. Continues hard training exhaust the iron from the body. This especially relates to women, due to the physiological features they need to take the iron supplement.

Whey protein. Whey protein is integral for both. If you are aiming to gain muscle mass and lose fat you have to take it. Women may face difficulties in gaining muscle mass, that’s why whey protein can help to speed the process up. It doesn’t mean that ladies should give up food, no they should add this type of protein to their diet, use it before or after the session or between meals. Should you wish to lose calories you may also get a special diet of whey protein.

CLA. This is Omega 6 fatty acid, and helps to increase metabolism, contributes to fat loss, and increases strength. If your goal is to lose fat and gain muscle this is a must-have alongside the diet. The recommended dosage is 2 grams for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Calcium. Calcium is essential for strengthening the bones. It’s important if you are performing heavy-weight exercises. 

BCAA’s. Branch chain amino acids help with protein synthesis. Those athletes who take BCAAs experience a decrease in muscle soreness. Apart from that branch chain amino acids increase the recovery speed and assist in muscle development.

Creatine. Creatine helps to get the nutrients that are important for recovery after the training. But be careful as there might be a major side effect of creatine – you may bloating and it will keep the water in the muscles. It may really unpleasant if you are aimed to lose weight, but don’t worry this excessive weight will disappear within a week or two. The reason why we decided to include creatine as a solution for women, is that due to recent research it actually helps to improve muscle mass. Creatine is recommended to be taken right after the training.

Supplements can’t be divided between women and men. As there are not so many differences between them. The main dissimilarity lays in how hormones are expressed. Supplements are for everyone, and you shouldn’t be confused or unsure about them. There is a general rule, that it is always better to consult a professional about supplements. Find all that you need available on the Beverly Hills MD.



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