The Sued Trainers For Ladies. How to Style Them?

The Sued Trainers For Ladies. How to Style Them?

Women’s sneakers, originally intended only for sports, have long been storming the world’s most famous podiums as an indispensable element of the “everyday” ensemble.

At the peak of popularity today, suede sneakers. Adding dynamism and ease to any look, they help to look stylish and modern. In addition, comfortable and light shoes are the comfort and health of your favorite legs.

What to wear with suede sneakers?

With what, besides sportswear, do eminent clothing designers offer to wear women’s sneakers?

It’s worth immediately specifying a list of things that sneakers should not be combined with yet. (The clause “yet” is not accidental, because the fantasy of fashion designers has no limits!). This list is quite short:

  • Business suit.
  • Evening Dress.
  • Classic trousers with arrows.

You can wear sneakers with everything else! Today, even what was recently defined as “bad taste” (for example, a coat with sneakers combination) is at the peak of popularity. Times are changing, changing the generally accepted patterns and destroying stereotypes.

The right combination

Having replenished your wardrobe with fashionable women’s suede sneakers, you can, in addition to comfort and freedom of movement, also acquire a stylish element of your everyday ensemble. The main thing is to decide which sneakers and with what will be combined in the best way.

Red sneakers are the main trend of the season. You can wear them complete with jeans or denim shorts in blue or white, a striped sweatshirt, or a “nautical style” top. They also go well with a white dress and white shorts. A beige trench coat also looks harmonious with red sneakers.

Arrowhead sneakers (blue, red, beige) go well with outerwear – a short fur coat, a fur vest, a down jacket, a bomber jacket, and a parka.

Black suede sneakers with a hidden sole will look great with skinny jeans, treggings, and oversized sweaters. A short voluminous double-breasted coat or a studded leather jacket will be a great addition to the look.

Sneakers in pastel colors, gray or white go well with light and simple knee-length dresses, a blue denim shirt dress, or a knitted tight midi skirt. A popular option for white sneakers is a model with two / three navy blue or black stripes.

Suede sneakers can also be combined with jeans of various models, leggings, pleated skirts, sports-style dresses, chiffon maxi dresses, elongated tunics with an asymmetrical hem, cardigans, and bright voluminous coats.

Don’t forget to take care of your suede trainers

Suede is a very capricious material and you need to take care of it properly. In order for suede sneakers to always look decent, you need to follow a few rules right from the very moment you purchase them.

As a preventive measure, newly purchased suede sneakers must be treated with a special protective spray. For colored suede, there is a spray – an aerosol that keeps it from fading and maintains color. For light suede, for example, gray, a universal transparent spray is suitable.

It is best to opt for products that include herbal ingredients. Such products will most delicately care for suede shoes.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Find the best options for suede trainers, available on the Mallet website.



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