The New Approach in Fundraising

The New Approach in Fundraising

For a long time, we did not have a heading “interesting buzzwords” and new business terms. It’s time for fundraising. What’s this? Fashion word? And how appropriate is this concept for business reality? Keep reading to find out the answers to all those questions.

What is fundraising?

Fundraising – means the process of attracting external, third-party resources for the company – both in general and for any specific task. In fact, fundraising is not much different from finding investors. The main difference in fundraising goals: in most cases, social goals are set. And investors are usually sought for commercial projects, while the goal of the investor is not only to return his investments but also to receive dividends (interest) or a share in the business. There are also other resources in fundraising, in addition to investments. Resources in fundraising can be both tangible and intangible resources: human, marketing (information), technical, financial, legal, etc.

With regard to specific fundraising activities, there are even special people – fundraisers who provide advice and provide services to raise the necessary resources. By the way, volunteers are often considered one of the effective channels for attracting funding – people who donate their free time or funds to search for resources.

Fundraising can be internal or external. In the first case, we are talking about the development and implementation of a strategy for finding sources of support for activities by the management of the organization itself. In the second case, fundraising is the subject of consulting activities, when the search for funding is carried out through the involvement of professional fundraising consultants.

The success of a fundraising campaign largely, if not entirely, depends on the relationship with the target audience. To build a good relationship with it, you need to use new tools and methods. The Internet allows you to maintain regular contact with the audience, which means creating a deeper relationship with it. At the same time, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to minimize the costs of holding fundraising events by transferring them online.

When it comes to cultural or philanthropic fundraising, it is important to remember that the goals of the project must be clear to the audience and make donations easy.

In simple terms, fundraising is the search for funding for an organization or a project. Fundraising means different types of fundraising, but in most cases, these are charitable or creative projects. Features of fundraising as an approach to finding funding are that it includes many methods and approaches to raising funds.

The new approach in fundraising

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