The Kitchen Guide On How to Choose the Best Knife for Meat

The Kitchen Guide On How to Choose the Best Knife for Meat

The topic of how to choose a meat knife is of interest to many professionals and amateurs in the kitchen. Not every blade is suitable for cutting meat products. The knife must have certain requirements. About which knife for cutting meat is the best, and what types of blades exist later in the article.

How to choose a good meat knife?

The knife for meat is intended both for cutting of a product and for the cabin. The blade should cut small bones, tendons, and cartilage. Deboning with such a tool is also possible, that is, separating the pulp from the bone. A meat knife has its own characteristics that distinguish it from many other varieties.

It resembles a universal model in shape, with the only difference being that there is a recess on the blade near the handle, which is necessary for better grip between the hand and the blade.

The blade is wide, as it is intended for rough work.

The cutting surface of the blade is smooth, there are no teeth.

The material of the blade must be wear-resistant, as a knife for cutting meat often works on impact. It is better to give preference to products made of high-carbon steel.

The handle for a carving knife is usually made of wood or plastic.

How to cut meat with a knife?

Professionals know that even the way meat is cut affects the final taste of the dish. There are several rules that you need to focus on when cutting meat products with a knife:

You can not cut frozen meat, it must be thawed. After cooling or defrosting, the pulp needs to lie down in the fresh air for 15 minutes, so the juices are better distributed over the tissues.

It is possible to cut the meat correctly only with a sharp knife with a smooth blade, without notches.

For cutting, you need to use only a wooden board, in no case plastic or glass, as this increases the risk of injuring yourself.

There are two different methods of slicing meat, depending on the presence or absence of bones. If the pulp is boneless, then it must be placed on the board so that it can be cut across the fibers. In this case, the carving knife for meat should be located strictly at a right angle. It is also necessary to control the pressure, it should not be too strong, and the blade must be pulled towards you, cut, and not tear the flesh.

If the flesh is on the bone, then the boning knife for meat should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees. The pulp must be cut from a piece diagonally to the very bone, while it should lie on the board. Otherwise, the meat will slip, it will be more difficult to cut it, and the risk of injury with a sharp knife also increases.

Which knives are better not to use for cutting meat?

You can not use a bread knife for cutting meat, cleaning food, or slicing tomatoes (with fine teeth). You can butcher and cut meat with a sharp utility knife, as well as using the models listed above. Also, do not use low-quality knives, the blade material can oxidize, which will negatively affect the taste of the meat. Products with a metal handle (with the exception of Japanese kitchen knives) are also best not used when cutting the pulp to minimize the risk of injury.

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