What Water Do You Need for the Aquarium?

There are sewing, driving, and amateur gardening courses that are very popular. But, we have never seen amateur fish farming courses or anything like that. Therefore, the question of how much it is necessary to keep water for an aquarium has moved from the category of constants to the department of eternal ones. In this short text, we will try […]

Perfect Aquarium Filtration. What Do You Need to Know?

Inexperienced aquarists are sure that the cleanliness of the aquarium and the normal existence of its inhabitants depends solely on how often the water changes. In reality, installing a filter in an aquarium provides the appropriate conditions for the existence of the underwater world, and deprives you of the need to frequently change the water. But the choice of equipment […]

LED Lamps for Aquariums. What Do You Need to Know About Its Choice?

The appearance of LED lamps for the aquarium was only a matter of time after the LEDs fell in price and firmly entered everyday life. Lighting equipment continues to improve, and this applies to all areas, including lighting for the aquarium. What benefits are there with the LED lamp? Why are LED aquarium lights so convenient? They have at least […]

What Aquarium Heater Is Best to Choose?

Many aquarists sooner or later face the question of how to choose a heater for an aquarium and how to install it correctly. Along with other devices and accessories, these are relevant, especially considering that the weather outside and the indoor climate are not always stable. Regular heating of water will provide its inhabitants with a comfortable existence, and relieve […]

Decorations for the Aquarium? What Do You Need to Have?

The dream of owning an aquarium often begins with a mesmerizing look at a picturesque corner with colorful fish, decorations, and plants in a pet store. How can you decorate an aquarium so that you have such a spectacular picture of the underwater world at home? Plan the design first Before you buy anything, draw and paint a plan for […]

A Pond Pump. Essential Equipment to Keep Your Pond Clean

If earlier the house by the pond was a great happiness, now, if desired, a pond can appear at the house. The main thing is that there is a desire and a plot near the house or in the country. You can make it with your own hands of any shape and size, or by purchasing a pond mold. A […]

What Do You Need to Know About the Pond Cleaning? Essentials Tips

Only a well-maintained pond can look aesthetically attractive and make the rest near it pleasant. It is for this reason that it is important to keep the pond clean. Garbage and dead vegetation can accumulate at the bottom of the reservoir, and its surface becomes contaminated with silt, melt, and rainwater, which makes it cloudy and ceases to be transparent. […]

What Type of Food to Choose for Your Aquarium Fish?

Having an aquarium with fish is not only a pleasure but also a duty. One of the most important duties is feeding the aquarium fish. Although it seems trivial, in practice it is not so simple. How to choose fish food? It is important to know their nutritional requirements. Most aquarium inhabitants are omnivorous species that use both animal and […]

What Do You Need to Know to Choose the Right Aquarium?

An aquarium is a “piece of the underwater world” that will calm the nerves, saturate the eyes, give positive emotions and enrich with new knowledge. Anyone who falls in love with aquariums will find a hobby forever! But before you set sail on unknown worlds, you need to choose a reliable one. We will tell you how to do this […]