Chef’s Knife How to Choose and Use

The chef’s knife is the main tool in the kitchen, with which you chop greens and vegetables, chop meat and chop onions. It is from under this knife that all gastronomic masterpieces come out. You can master the technique of working with it! It is enough to know a few key rules, which we will discuss in this article. Chefs […]

Pepper and Salt Grinder. What Should You Know About It?

A couple of centuries ago, a salt and pepper grinder was not a whim, but a vital necessity. For example, salt was sold in huge chunks, it took a lot of effort to turn it into the sand we are used to. Modern options have received a stylish futuristic appearance and significantly expanded functionality, for example, some models can even […]

What Is the Santoku Kitchen Knife and How to Choose It?

To choose the right santoku kitchen knife, you need to understand what it is used for and what products it can cut. This multifunctional knife is able to solve various tasks of cutting, butchering, and even chopping. Multitasking is already in the name, santoku is translated from Japanese as “three good things”. However, only a high-quality tool will have smooth […]

The Kitchen Guide On How to Choose the Best Knife for Meat

The topic of how to choose a meat knife is of interest to many professionals and amateurs in the kitchen. Not every blade is suitable for cutting meat products. The knife must have certain requirements. About which knife for cutting meat is the best, and what types of blades exist later in the article. How to choose a good meat […]

Magnetic Walnut Knife Block. Main Reasons to Get This Stand

The most modern and convenient way to store knives is a special stand for them. There are several types of stands: wooden, magnetic, plastic, and filled. One of the most versatile is the magnetic knife holder, which helps to conveniently store cutting objects and fits perfectly into the interior. Benefits of magnetic stands and wall holders Before talking about the […]

Honing Steel. How to Properly Choose and Use It?

Sharp knives are the joy and pride of every cook. And special sharpeners help to maintain the cutting edge in perfect condition. Sharpening, straightening, and finishing Knife blades may need both sharpening and editing or finishing. These are different processes: During sharpening, the thinnest layer of metal is cut off on the knife blade and an updated edge of the […]

What are Secrets of Choosing the Perfect Cooking Lid?

Despite its simple design, the cooking lid remains a kitchen accessory that is full of questions. For example, is it really necessary? If so, which one? We answer these questions. Why is a lid needed? Buying a lid for a frying pan is one of the first tasks that the hostess solves. Why? Yes, because without it, cooking is not […]

What are the Nuances of Choosing the Best Bread Knife?

A bread knife (some call it a bread cutter) is a kitchen tool from the category of specialized tools. Its main purpose is cutting bread and bakery, or confectionery products. But this is not its only function. A bread knife is used when cutting fruits with a hard peel and delicate, tender flesh (watermelon, pineapple, melon, etc.) Design features of […]

Peculiarities of Choosing Japanese Damascus Steel Knives

When buying a kitchen knife, many are guided primarily by the price, they take the cheapest knives, fraught with a waste of nerves and a quarrel in the family, blunting the knives. What do you need to know when buying a quality kitchen tool? First of all, you need to pay attention to the steel of the blade. The length […]