Porsche Taycan. A Dream Car for Eco Lovers

Porsche Taycan. A Dream Car for Eco Lovers

Rumor has it that the Germans more than once redid it technically and redrawn the design. They wanted to create a real monster on the electric motor, controllable, reliable, and efficient. It seems that they did succeed, meet the first electric car from Porsche – Taycan!

First, some dry German numbers. From 0 to 100 km / h, the car overcomes in 2.8 seconds. It has a torque of 1050 newton per meter and a power of 760 hp. No doubt, this is a real supercar. At the Nordschleife, his record is 7:42 and this is the best time for an electric car today!

Record of continuous use – 3425 km in 24 hours. As well as 26 launches from 0 to 200 km / h in a row without rest, which is a standard discipline for a Porsche. Porsche is also the first to demonstrate that an electric car can and should look amazing.


Here, Tesla hardly has anything to oppose, and to be franker, there is nothing to catch today. Taycan will be bought, among other things, because of its appearance. After all, the car looks like a 4-door variation of the 911, however, a kind of Panamera silhouette and complex optics give it an amazing look.

The general appearance of the car is given by two characteristic elements. The first is the dome of the roof with a clearly visible teardrop shape, plus thin pillars and elegant small windows are remembered. Similar words can describe the current generation of the Porsche Panamera.

The secret of superpowers

The Taycan has blood flowing through it called 800-volt alternating current, which is 2 times more than most electric cars. Therefore, from physics, the current strength is less, the heating is less and the efficiency of this is the most. Permanent magnet motors are expensive but durable and efficient. The center of gravity is lower than on the 911. The rear wheels of the Taycan can turn.

Of the chips, a charging socket with a tactile touch. Of course, it is not known how long this joy will work, but it looks super futuristic. Charging can take place in 23 minutes if you’re lucky enough to charge at 270kWh.


Trunk 360 liters with electric drive. In the back row, the legs are not behind the ears – a special cutout was made for them in the battery, which is located along the bottom of the car floor, and they also promise to cool this “compartment”. The front is littered with monitors. Even the passenger has a separate display for changing music etc. The seats are ventilated and fit well. They say there is the SPORT SOUND of an ELECTRIC PORSCHE. Is one day a lot or a little? This is very little to fully understand the character of the Porsche Taycan. However, this is enough to look into the future. The Porsche Taycan electric car opened the door to a new world – a world with a perspective of 10-15 years ahead.

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