Mercedes Benz A-Class. How Can It Surprise You?

Mercedes Benz A-Class. How Can It Surprise You?

Every athlete felt muscle pain after training. An intense workout usually lasts a few days. The best way to get rid of these unpleasant sensations is massage. A good massage therapist or massage roller can help relieve pain.

A massage session with a professional massage therapist can relieve pain. But this pleasure is not cheap and not every athlete can afford it. Unlike a massage session, a massage roller – always at hand and its cost is approximately two massage sessions. Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful device and see how it can help.

Muscle tension can lead to the formation of points of weakness and vulnerability in the tissues. The massage effect of a fitness roller is called myofascial relaxation, the roller is pressed down by the weight of its own body and rolls under itself, the effectiveness of such a procedure is comparable to visiting a masseur. The use of the massage roller increases blood flow to the muscle tissue and improves mobility, also helps to relax the muscles and neutralize pain spasms. With the help of a roller, you can massage any part of the body: buttocks, thighs, feet, shoulders, legs, back.

Main advantages of this car

Improving range of motion. Strength training, injury, and a sedentary lifestyle can immobilize the fascia and form trigger nodes. This limits the mobility of not only muscle fibres but also ligaments and bones. The massage cylinder breaks down these knots and returns the muscles to their original state, increasing the range of motion of each. As the muscles are fully engaged, strength performance increases, and the effectiveness of fitness, yoga, and Pilate’s workouts increases.

Relief of pain and acceleration of the recovery process. The massage roller provides reliable support and protection for the entire body. The fitness roller improves blood and oxygen circulation in muscle fibres. The latter recovers faster and less painfully after strength training.

Relaxation of muscles. The roller creates an effect similar to a manual massage session. Roller deeper tissue work puts direct pressure on the muscles, relieving tension and helping them to relax.

Protection from injury. The massage cylinder increases the range of motion, allowing the muscles to stretch more. Roller exercises relieve clogging that prevents deep stretching. The muscles return to their normal length, which allows them to function properly. When they are flexible and mobile, the risk of injury is low.

Fight cellulite. Lymph, or lymphatic fluid, runs along the entire body. When the fascia is dense, it restricts the movement of lymph, which is why cellulite is formed in the subcutaneous fat. Working with a massage roll makes the connective tissue elastic. It, in turn, sets the lymphatic fluid in motion and effectively fights cellulite.

How to select Mercedes Benz A-Class?

The best time for myofascial relaxation is before exercise when the muscles need to be warmed up. Using the roller will increase the blood flow to the muscles, they will be ready for training and will delight you with excellent performance. After training, you need to do stretching, it will return the tense muscles to their normal length, if time permits, then the roller can be used after training for better relaxation. Rolling your muscles after exercise reduces muscle soreness the next day.

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