Magnetic Walnut Knife Block. Main Reasons to Get This Stand

Magnetic Walnut Knife Block. Main Reasons to Get This Stand

The most modern and convenient way to store knives is a special stand for them. There are several types of stands: wooden, magnetic, plastic, and filled. One of the most versatile is the magnetic knife holder, which helps to conveniently store cutting objects and fits perfectly into the interior.

Benefits of magnetic stands and wall holders

Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages of a magnetic stand for knives, you need to understand what this device looks like. Externally, the holder looks like a magnetic strip, to which the knife blade is attracted. The magnets are placed in a case made of another material (wood, metal). The advantages of this design include the following.

Convenience. Kitchen knife magnets help save space. Such a stand is very convenient to use because you do not need to look for a knife in a container or box, all items are in plain sight.

Preservation of knife quality. Many cutting products cannot be stored together. The magnet-shaped knife holder keeps the utensils from touching other surfaces, which means the blade stays sharp longer. In addition, the presence of cutting products in fresh air prevents the corrosion process. Bacteria are quickly bred in a standard wooden stand, as it is difficult to rinse from the inside, but with a magnetic plate, this problem will be solved.

Versatility. The magnetic shelf can be used not only for knives but also for other metal objects. So, with it, you can store kitchen scissors, metal cutlery, or tools. Despite the apparent weightlessness of the magnetic stand, the objects on it are held very tightly.

Safety. The plate will help organize your cutting tools. It is especially convenient to use the holder if there are small children in the house because this way you can hang the knife rack in a place where the child cannot reach.

Compactness. The stand takes up little space on a table or wall, which means you do not have to allocate a separate shelf for cutting items.

Simple care. Caring for a stand in the form of a magnet is much easier than for similar items made of wood or with filler.

Where is the best place to place the magnetic stand or holder?

It is recommended to mount the magnetic wall holder in the immediate vicinity of the surface on which you are preparing food. It is important that the knives can be easily reached, they should be at arm’s length, not too low or high. The simplest version of the holder in the form of a magnetic strip for knives is fixed with self-tapping screws to the wall. You can also attach the stand using a bracket or hook, liquid nails, glue, or tape. The stand will hold just as securely, but at the same time, you will keep the wall surface intact.

A wooden stand with magnetic knife plates, which does not require wall mounting, is convenient to place on the surface of a cabinet or table. It is important that during the cooking process, drops of water and fat do not fall on the holder. In addition, the stand should not be placed too close to the sink, as this can lead to premature failure.

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