Looking For a Proper Place For Your Garden Swing? Read Our Tips

Looking For a Proper Place For Your Garden Swing? Read Our Tips

Today we will talk about garden swings and where is the best place to install them and how to decorate the area around in order to enjoy the rest from the bustle of the city and enjoy the last summer month.

What do you need to know before installation?

Traditional swings on legs are gradually giving way to models on a solid arched support. Such support makes it possible to install the swing on any surface: concrete tiles, lawn, or gravel. The only thing you still have to worry about is to level and tamp the site in advance – it should be flat.

In addition, the platform should be 30-50 cm larger than the swing, so make sure that there is no garden decor, lamps, or furniture within the swing radius.

What are the best places to install the garden swing?

In the patio area. If privacy is your goal, it is better to install a swing away from the barbecue and gazebos. In such a place it will be nice to read or drink herbal tea in silence. And if you are a fan of holidays and parties in the country, install them near the recreation area.

By the way, a swing can be used instead of a bench if you move the table closer. And remember about fire safety measures: do not install wooden swings or hanging rattan chairs closer than three meters from an open fire area.

On the terrace. If your country house has a spacious enough terrace, you can hang chairs on it or put a comfortable light swing.

For a swing with solid arched support, no additional fastening systems are needed. Hanging wooden, plastic, and swing nests also do not take up much space and also have a lightweight design.

By the pond. Do you have the lake or is there an artificial pond on the site? Excellent – this is a great place for a swing.

Among the flower beds. Clay flowerpots and pots with natural plants will look spectacular next to the swing.

It can be an unpretentious hanging sedum from the succulent family or an ampelous begonia, flower beds with peonies, daisies, and snow-white hydrangea.

Under climbing plants. Build a frame around the swing from improvised rods and sticks and plant ivy, girlish grapes, or hops around. If you take care of such a green hut in May, then by the beginning of the summer season, you can already fully enjoy the shady freshness, swaying on a swing. And to prevent weeds from growing under the swing, sprinkle cornmeal.

Decorate your swing

To sit comfortably, add a soft mattress with a stylish cover, decorative pillows, and in case of chilly evenings, a warm blanket. The frame of the swing can be decorated with a garland that runs on solar panels: in the evening, when it gets dark, it will automatically light up with lights.

The bottom of glass jars can be filled with white and red beans, candles can be placed in them and a swing can be hung on the crossbar. Such impromptu lanterns can easily replace a garland and will not go out from the wind.

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