How To Get A Fragrance For A Man?

How To Get A Fragrance For A Man?

All men want to be special. They have many ways to do this: wear stylish clothes, drive sports cars, buy expensive accessories and get the most desirable women. But since ancient times, the male was distinguished from the rest by the smell. It is thanks to men acquire their true status in society and feel like leaders. Therefore, if you want to buy perfume for a man, you will have to find out some details, without which it is impossible to do this. Here at Fragrance Direct, we have gathered how to get the right perfume for a man based on some details from his life. Read further to know more.

Types of men’s fragrances. It is important to recognize that men are also grouped into different types. Therefore, it will not be possible to pick up one style that fits all, you have to go into some details to satisfy all men’s needs. But don’t despair, there are little tricks that can be used with ease. First of all, observe his lifestyle and some personality features. You may even ask him which of your aromas he prefers. Having this information, you can easily go shopping.

Business style. The businessman is one of the most common characters in the modern world. He is usually ambitioned man with endurance, concentration, and set aim. Herbal and woody shades with notes of cedar, and sandalwood are perfect for such men.

Macho man. A man who has a wayward character and is always irresistible. At the same time, they are moderately strict and ready for heroic deeds. You may go for such fragrances as YSL Body Kouros Eau de Toilette Spray or Lancome Hypnose Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray.


Creative. Sincere, mysterious, and unpredictable. Creative natures can immerse in themselves without losing their special charm. These are philosophers, artists, sensual musicians, inimitable actors. Life for them is not just a sequence of events, every detail plays a role and matters. For such type of person try Paco Rabanne Black XS Eau de Toilette Spray.


Sport. Perfumes for men of this type should be both energetic and restrained. Sports fragrances are created for active people. Athletic men want to be the best and feel the adventures. Any extreme is within their power. The sports aroma has delicate and fresh citrus or marine scent.

Gentleman. They are incredibly gallant. Their intelligence and tasteful suit immediately speak of their status in society and their attitude to life. Nobility and honor are above all! Classic fragrances are sensual and attractive. For such a type go for Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey Pour Homme, GIVENCHY Gentleman.


These are just some representatives that you can easily go for. All of them are available on our website. Be always bright and irresistible. The best perfume is different for everyone. It depends on how comfortable and confident your man feels in it, whether it is in harmony with his character traits, and whether it reflects the essence.






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