How To Find A Proper Women Scent?

How To Find A Proper Women Scent?

Every girl knows how sometimes difficult it is to choose the right fragrance that matches her image, personality, and accessories. You have to consider a lot of details in order to find the right aroma. Season, weather, age, even the hair color, skin type, or the color of the bottle may give you information about the scent. We at Fragrance Direct have gathered some tips to help you find the right solution, continue reading and you will find out.


What are the most common aromas for women?

Floral and fruit scents. These two types are probably the most popular women’s fragrances. Perfumers are very inventive in a combination of fruity and floral notes – the aromas of roses, tulips, violets, citrus, and others are used. This perfume is the most “light” and inconspicuous.

Aldehydes. No matter what scent you feel when you open the perfume, it will be fully revealed only after you applied it to the skin. The peculiarity of the aldehyde family is that it is not like any of the types of natural odors, as it is made artificially.

Oriental. Oriental aromas are one of the deepest and richest. Professionals recommend using them only in winter, as the composition of essential oils, musk, apricot, and spices can be excessively heavy for the summer. It is believed that oriental fragrances are best suited for middle-aged women, as well as for those who have dark hair, light eyes, and pale skin.

Wine aromas. Such perfumes are made on the basis of notes of oakmoss, lavender, and geranium, and are most often sold under the guise of “unisex”. Some types of this aromas resemble the light scent of sparkling champagne. The wine glass family is perfect for girls with bright hair colors.

How to choose your special fragrance?

For the first acquaintance with aroma drip a little of a perfume on a paper strip. Apply the second drop on the wrist, but do not rub it into the skin: it can totally change the scent. The smell you feel first is called the top notes. It evaporates very quickly – in just a minute.

The perfume scents are tricky and complex. Depending on the pH level and the composition of the skin secretions, the aroma is “revealed” differently.

Dry skin doesn’t keep the smell for a long time. The sharp aromas like amber or woody evaporate quickly. Oily skin retains fragrances longer. It elegantly reveals pronounced odors. Apply the perfume in places with intense pulsation – on the wrists, elbows, whiskey, or earlobes. Here the skin heats up a little more, so it evaporates more aromatic components.

Choose your special fragrance by the color of your hair. The hair color of brunettes is associated with spicy and oriental aromas, woven with sweet floral scents. For this option, you may opt for Versace Crystal Noir.



Blondes enchant with their femininity with floral and green aromas. Lavender, lily of the valley, violet, bergamot with a touch of peach, tangerine, or lemon – they all are going to fit you. Having blonde hair, you may go for Lanvin Eclat D’Arpege



The red hair owners will enjoy the astringent palette of scents: chypre, woody, leather aromas, woven from fragrant components of blueberries, orchids, cedar. Go for Nina Ricci Nina and you won’t lose.


The fair-hair goes with a wine-green line. As well as floral amber with a touch of freshness.

These were some tips on what are the most popular scents and how you may choose the right one for yourself. In general, the professional recommend sniffing for only two or three scents at a time. Otherwise, you may be lost. All the above fragrances and many more are available on our website. Enjoy the beauty world and shine bright with your new fragrance.





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