How to Engage Your Child to Love Books?

How to Engage Your Child to Love Books?

Parents often complain that children do not want to read or listen to the book, and prefer smartphones and tablets to books. Some shift the blame on teachers for not being able to instill a love of reading, others on the peculiarities of the time, and still others on the irresponsibility of children. Few people think that there are objective reasons that prevent children from falling in love with literature.

Reasons why a child is not interested in books

Today, the Internet has become the source of knowledge. It is easier for children to go online and find the information they need on demand than to waste time turning pages or listening to books. The task of parents is to convey to the consciousness that it is books that influence the formation of personality, taste and values. However, for various reasons, this cannot be done.

In an information overloaded environment, the brain is not ready to accept new knowledge. Between the advertisements for sweets and new cartoons, the student has files with the multiplication table and homework in his subcortex. To make room for new information, he needs to stay away from the network for a while. For example, go on vacation to your grandmother, without the Internet. In search of new emotions from boredom, the child will quickly begin to pay attention to books.

In the fast flow of school life, it is difficult to force a child to read additional literature due to lack of time. And why, if Google gives out the necessary information in seconds. Many people find reading boring and tedious. If possible, he does not want to pick up a book by force of will and prefers to while away the evening with cartoons and movies.

How can you help your child to love books?

Desire must arise from within, so do not force it to be done in an ultimatum form. Try to captivate the child with an interesting story, but so that he is not a passive listener. Read patiently and intonation highlight the words, try to convey the rhythm. Children are fascinated by the melodiousness of the language, and they are quickly carried away by history. Offer to retell the stories you like, evaluate the quality of the illustrations. Learn poetry in chorus. With a loud repetition of lines, children learn to speak in a literary language and rhyme.

Build a Reading Culture in Your Family

When a child sees his father and mother in the evenings with books, not with a remote control or a computer mouse, he develops a subconscious belief about the need to read. This encourages you to look through not only comics, but also an encyclopedia with bright printing. For a change, offer to watch a film adaptation of a famous work and, for comparison, read or listen to the book version. Take trips to book fairs and shops together, and make library building a family hobby.

Buy an e-book reader

Many children start by listening to audio stories before bed, then listen to entertaining stories on their phones on the way to school. Give a reader, download books of various genres and offer to carry an electronic library in a backpack.

Good literature broadens one’s horizons, helps to have an interesting time, cultivates a taste and love for reading. To find, simply visit the Audible website.



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