How To Choose a Tiller?

How To Choose a Tiller?

Proper soil cultivation is one of the most important conditions for its fertility and rich harvests in particular. The most popular soil care tool is the tiller. It is a very useful agricultural tool. Its main purpose is loosening and cultivating the soil, as well as weeding and cultivating the land between shrubs and trees. Previously, tillers were used exclusively on large production crops, but now more and more farmers and gardeners are using cultivators for processing and maintaining the soil.

Types of tillers

Petrol tillers, as you might guess from the name alone, are powered and perform their functional tasks by means of a petrol engine. This part is the heart of the tool, and the complexity of the tasks that the tool can handle directly depends on its power. The engine is usually powered by a manual starting system. You simply pull on the starter rope and the engine starts to run. However, on some models, an electronic system is also installed, but in this case, the start depends on the reliability of the battery.

Unlike petrol-powered tools, this type of tiller has a simpler design. Which, however, makes it easier to use at the household level. Such tools will perfectly cope with simple tasks in the garden, in small gardens and flower beds. The obvious advantages of electric tillers over gasoline ones are compactness and maneuverability, environmental friendliness, ease of operation, and maintenance. The main unit of operation of an electric tiller is an electric engine, which, like a gasoline one, drives the plowing and loosening mechanisms. The main difference is that electric models have less weight and more compactness.


How to choose a tiller?

When choosing the type of tiller, you should not think that the more powerful model is better. Each type of this tool has its own functional characteristics and focus of work. For example, a heavy tiller will not be easy to process small garden and flower beds, for these works it is simply too massive and clumsy. Therefore, before you buy the tiller, you should decide what kind of tool you need. Correct soil cultivation primarily depends on the right choice of tool.

In addition, when choosing the tiller, pay attention to such points as the number and types of nozzles. It depends on which types of work you can perform immediately, limited to the standard set of the tool. Of course, these same attachments can always be purchased additionally, but it is much more pleasant when the manufacturer has prudently taken care of how much it will be convenient for you, as a consumer, to work with a particular tool.

However, before you buy a tiller, be it a motor or electric one, pay attention not only to the price and brand name. B&Q, recommends that you first pay attention to the reviews of real users about a particular model because they are often the most objective assessment of the quality of the tool. On the Idealo website you will find both petrol and electric tillers with the latest reviews from the customers. So don’t hesitate and visit it now.



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