How Domestic Abuse Can Hurt Your Child?

How Domestic Abuse Can Hurt Your Child?

The problem of domestic violence in many countries has been acute for a long time. Change is extremely slow and extremely difficult. Very often, adults turn a blind eye to the enormous trauma that children receive when they watch or are themselves beaten, humiliated, or insulted by an aggressive family member. You need to understand that it is impossible to justify such behavior in the eyes of a child. Words: dad is good, he yells only when he is drunk – this is a call for understanding inappropriate adult behavior. And it is categorically impossible to understand, justify and accept such behavior.

What are the consequences of domestic violence for the psyche of the child?

If we talk about preschoolers and younger students, then as a rule these are strongly expressed fears, panic attacks, and sleep problems. Enuresis and encopresis are also common in children who regularly experience episodes of adult aggression. Stuttering, nervous tics, delayed speech, and (in especially severe cases) mental development.

Tantrums, both in childhood and adolescence. The inability to control their emotions is also connected with the fact that the child sees such an example from an important adult for him.

Attacks of aggression or auto-aggression, self-harm, and fights. The direction of aggression depends on whether anger is suppressed or not: on oneself or on another person. It is impossible to explain to a child who is being abused that you can’t fight – they beat him.

Leaving home, bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs). Tendency to extreme behavior. Since the teenager feels bad at home, he or she is looking for love and warmth elsewhere. By training the person he or she will be ready to fulfill any conditions accepted in each individual group. Unfortunately, most often it is antisocial behavior and addictions.

Problems in relationships with other people: lack of trust, suspicion, deceit. The child is used to the fact that people are dangerous and unpredictable, they cannot be trusted. He often protests, or, conversely, begins to adapt to another person.

Often such a child either becomes a victim of bullying or, conversely, a ringleader who poisons one of his peers. The first option is due to uncertainty and alertness. The second stems from the desire to assert itself and throw out aggression.

Problems with self-esteem, self-doubt, and lack of a sense of security. Frequent somatic diseases against the background of constant stress. Suicidal tendencies.

These consequences have to be corrected for a long time in working with a psychologist. And, unfortunately, not all of them go unnoticed.

We hope this article was informative and you understood what traumas your child can get if there’s domestic abuse. If you want to help those who are suffering from it, visit the Omaze website and donate to a special organization that provides domestic abuse helplines. You may also find some other fields where they participate and become a part of something great. Moreover, you may take part in some of the luxury draws and win a car or even a luxury villa. Check it out today!



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