How a Man Should Choose and Wear Fragrance?

How a Man Should Choose and Wear Fragrance?

Men are divided into several types: some smell of cologne, others – shower gel, and still others – exquisite perfume. You may feel that wearing perfume is not a good idea. But no. It is they who help to reveal your personality, character, and also influence the perception of you by people. Keep reading this article made by our beauty team to know how to choose and wear a men’s perfume.

It is not enough to simply pour half a bottle of perfume on yourself every day. You need to choose exactly the scent that will reveal your individuality, complement your style and taste.

The basic men scents

Woody aroma. This is a favourite fragrance for most men. It has a warm and earthy scent. Woody perfumes are also characterized by leathery notes obtained from nature. You can also catch notes of cedar or sandalwood.

Fresh flavours. They make you feel like you just got out of the shower. These scents can have hints of citrus, sea breeze, or freshly cut grass.

Oriental flavour. It stands out with spices. For example, it may contain vanilla or patchouli, which emphasize sensuality. Such scents are often musky and heavy, which is why not all men wear them.

How to choose the perfume for yourself?

The best and proven method is to personally test the perfume. To do this, you can safely visit a perfume shop. There you can not only choose any fragrance for yourself but also test it in life.

Spray one scent on each wrist. Paper testers do not allow you to feel how the perfume smells on your body, so you should not fully trust them. Breathe in coffee, as a rule, you can find it in such stores.

Smell your wrists, in turn, to feel which perfume you like best. Remember that a good perfume should not have a chemical foreign smell. If you managed to choose the perfect perfume – buy it and wear it.

How to properly wear fragrance?

Another important point that every man needs to consider. Wearing perfume is not easy. It is not enough to spray half the bottle on yourself so that all the young ladies around you are thrilled. It is likely that they faint from the excessive amount of perfume, and not from its incredible aroma. Therefore, consider the following tips.

Spray perfume on dry skin. Preferably immediately after a shower. Apply it at a distance of 10 to 15 centimetres from the skin.

Apply scent to hot areas. The warmth of your body will allow the scent to hold and unfold throughout the day. Start with the chest, neck, wrist, forearm, inside of the elbow.

Don’t rub perfume on your skin. It would seem that rubbing perfume into your skin allows it to stay on your body longer. In fact, it breaks the molecular bond, which makes the perfume weaker.

Does not spray perfume on clothes. We remind you that the scent is revealed when interacting with your body, not a coat.

Less is better. The scent should be identified, not advertised. Therefore, no one nearby should feel the perfume right away.

Use these tips and get the right scent. This will allow you not only to emphasize your style but also to feel confident every day. In order to find the best perfumes from the top brands, visit the Fragrance Direct website.



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