Fire Pits For Your Outdoor Area. A Few Tips About Selection Criteria

Fire Pits For Your Outdoor Area. A Few Tips About Selection Criteria

Man has been familiar with fire since ancient times. The production of fire was a turning point in the development of human civilization – activity was no longer limited to daytime, there were changes in nutrition due to the ability to cook food of protein origin.

Nowadays, there is no obvious need for an open fire, but a person’s craving for fire persists to this day. Meat cooked on the grill or potatoes baked in a fire cannot leave anyone indifferent! But if the brazier is a device exclusively for cooking, then the firepit has a wider scope.

The campfire zone is, first of all, a place of communication, a place where family and close people gather. You can look at fire forever, it attracts and fascinates. Pleasant infrared heat emanates from the fire. Thanks to various devices, you can cook deliciously on the bowls, and believe us – there is nothing tastier than food cooked on a live fire!

What is important to know when choosing a fire pit?

You can buy both apit, without a base, and choose a completely ready-made solution, with cooking, storage, and furniture. Like a constructor.

The bowls differ in size (60 centimeters, 80, and 100). From practice, a bowl of 80 centimeters is the most optimal and popular option.

In addition to size, pits also differ in bases. Everyone has different tastes, and the design of the fire zone too. In one case, a bowl on thin metal legs fits perfectly, in the other case, a bowl on a concrete cross or tripod fits perfectly.

Of the recommended “mandatory” accessories – is a cover. It will provide both safety (covered and gone) and comfort of operation – no need to drain the water after rain.

What are the best places where can you put fire pits?

Most varieties of fire pits are portable, they can be safely lifted and placed anywhere on the street. However, it should be remembered that the combustion temperature is very high, so do not forget about fire safety measures.

It is undesirable to place bowls in the following places:

  • On dry grass or foliage.
  • Under trees or near shrubs.
  • On a wooden surface and next to outbuildings.

It is best to provide a special surface for installing the bowl, paved with tiles, stone, or other similar materials.

Next to the fire pit, it would be appropriate to put a few comfortable chairs or chairs where you can relax alone or with family and friends.

It is worth noting that some models can be equipped with a barbecue grill, as well as entire home fires for heating a large area. Thus, fire bowls are suitable not only for heating the territory but also for cooking barbecue and other dishes on the fire.

The category of fully or partially closed spherical fire pits should be singled out separately. They are a stationary outdoor hearth on a tripod, which is completely or partially closed from several sides.

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