How a Man Should Pick Up the Right Pyjama?

How a Man Should Pick Up the Right Pyjama?

Men’s nightwear is a choice for true connoisseurs of comfort. Many men prefer to sleep without it, just not knowing how convenient it is to fall asleep in high-quality pyjama, or lounge pants while delighting their soul mate with a beautiful aesthetic look. Pyjamas for men are designed for a comfortable stay at home. Garment, in which it is convenient to lie down in front of the TV in the evening, sit with a newspaper in an armchair, meet the dawn on the balcony, enjoy morning coffee and evening tea. Jacamo has prepared a few pieces of advice for men on how to choose the right model of this type of nightwear.

What are the criteria for the ultimate pyjama?

Many men think that pyjamas are not something they need to have in their wardrobe. And this is fundamentally wrong because the quality of sleep directly depends on it.

The qualities of an ideal men’s pyjama are the following:

Convenience. Since you can not only sleep in pyjamas but also actively spend the weekend, it should not hinder your movements and be uncomfortable.

Seasonality. In the summer it is recommended to wear only light models with short sleeves, but for the winter it is worth stocking up on warmer ones made of thick fabrics.

Durability. If you are planning to wear it for a long time you should choose the models made of high-quality raw materials.

Material. Choose natural materials. It is better for the skin and body. Also, it positively impacts the quality of rest and sleep.

How do you know you picked the right one?

Pyjama must fit in size – be free, do not press, do not rub, do not hinder movement. Classic models should be chosen by older men, restrained in character or with a non-standard type of figure. Young guys can experiment with styles and choose loose-fitting models. Classic silk pyjamas in restrained colours will suit a man who prefers expensive and stylish looks, the sets of shorts and a T-shirt – who for those who love comfort, convenience, and simplicity. In terms of colours, it is better to give preference to dark, restrained shades. The young guy will also like pyjamas with unusual prints.

What materials are best for pyjamas?

Cotton pyjamas. Cotton is a natural material used for both winter and summer sleepwear. Pyjamas made of this material give pleasant tactile sensations, breathe well and perfectly absorb moisture – this, in turn, makes sleeping in it pleasant and comfortable.

Silk pyjamas. Natural silk looks luxurious and rich due to the characteristic shine and smoothness of the fabric. Men’s pyjamas made of this material are breathable and absorb moisture, giving a pleasant sensation to the body. Such clothes are not only hypoallergenic but also bactericidal, beneficial to health.

Microfleece pyjamas. Microfleece is a synthetic warm fabric made from polyester. This material is mainly used for winter models, which are able to give a warm feeling even in a very cold room. They are soft and gentle as well.

Pyjama is a necessary part of men’s wardrobe. These stylish clothes allow you to feel at ease, look neat, and get more positive emotions. To see the best options for the different tastes and preferences visit Jacamo website.






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