Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette For Men. What’s the Difference?

Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette For Men. What’s the Difference?

Many of you were probably struggled with what to choose between eau de parfume, cologne, or eau de toilette. Especially if it relates to men. First of all, the man should have a nice scent. Despite who’s near, if it’s your woman or a colleague at work, a person who emits a pleasant aroma always gets attention. Some people prefer to use cologne, although many do not even think about what it is and how it differs from perfume or eau de toilette. Let’s find out in this article, what is the difference between them, and which one is better to use.

Eau de Parfum. The most concentrated and persistent, as well as the most expensive type of perfumery, the concentration of aromatic substances in perfumes is 15 to 40%. It is recommended for use in the evening and during cold seasons because perfumes have strongly expressed the final trail notes. So, it is not recommended to use it in the morning or during the hot summer weather. In the morning the perception of aromas is especially acute, and the heat enhances spicy and heavy scents.

Eau de Toilette. Refers to light perfumery – the content of aromatic oils in them is between 5-10%. Eau de toilette is characterized by a lighter and more volatile aroma. Such a perfume can leave an airy and not forced trail, and its durability is generally enough for 1-3 hours. For these qualities, eau de toilette won the love of its fans. This type of aroma composition can be used in combination with deodorants, creams, body lotions, and aftershave. It is intended to be applied several times a day and is suitable for use during the working day, in hot climates, for sports and outdoor activities. That is why most of the men’s fragrances are created in the form of eau de toilette.

Eau de Cologne. The lightest type of perfume used mainly for men. The purposes and properties of cologne are the same as those of eau de toilette, but the concentration of fragrant substances is even less – 3-8% in 70-80% alcohol. This type of fragrance using a more traditional recipe adding herb and citrus notes. It is usually sold in bigger bottles because of its durability similar to eau de toilette and you have to re-apply it during the day.

What a man has to choose?

Now you know the differences between the 3 main types of men’s perfumery. This classification does not exist in order to indicate the high cost or a certain brand but in order to distinguish the intensity of the sound of the perfume pyramid and to understand for what time of day this or that perfume is intended. The perfume should fit a man and complement his image. If you are having a business meeting, choose woody amber, pepper, or apple aromas, they are a sign of a strong, successful person. For sport, go for marine or citrus aromas, they symbolize ease and provide self-confidence. If you are going for a date, use some sweet, delectable aromas, cardamom, tangerine, jasmine, they will definitely attract attention. All the described types of perfumery you may find on our website – Fragrance Direct. Besides that, you may also look for some other beauty solutions for men.






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