Roses Letterbox Gift. A Special Way to Surprise Your Loved Ones

It’s always a special occasion when you receive a gift, but it’s even more special when you’re surprised by that gift. That’s why we love the Roses Letterbox Gift! This unique gift allows you to send a beautiful bouquet of roses to your loved ones without them ever having to know what’s coming. It’s the perfect way to make someone […]

How to Choose the Knitted Socks for the Cold Season?

Warm knitted socks are a must-have for every winter season, regardless of your style. Let’s figure out how to choose the right knitted socks for a comfortable life and where to look for basic stylish models. Read on. How to make the right choice? We rarely think about how to choose socks. And few know how to do it right. […]

Do You Know How to Wear Brooch in a Correct Way?

Have you ever wondered how to wear a brooch correctly? In this article, we will reveal the secrets: what clothes this accessory is combined with and how to create an elegant look to highlight your style and impeccable taste. Continue to read. How to wear the brooch with the coat? In the cold season, women warm themselves up and hide […]

Silver Watch for Women. Main Peculiarities

Silver has always been referred to as a precious metal, which favourably distinguished itself from others in resistance to corrosion and oxidation, as well as in the presence of other chemical properties. That is why silver is a favourite material in the jewellery industry, including watchmaking. Watches made of this metal have undeniable external advantages, look prestigious and beautiful, have […]

What Should Women Consider When Buying a Watch?

Modern women’s watches in addition to their main function can effectively complement any style. Any fashionista strives to have at least a few pairs of watches to feel confident in any situation and create a pleasant impression of themselves. There are many models on the market and any girl has many questions. What watch is trendy now? Which watch will […]

What Women Should Consider When Buying Earrings?

Please note that all the rules for choosing earrings are very conditional. Especially in recent years. Nevertheless, the laws of perception are still preserved. With the help of jewellery, especially as close to the face as earrings, you can create the desired effect and visually correct the image. Keep reading to know more. Consider your face shape The correct oval […]

Women Cufflinks. Yes, They Exist!

Women’s cufflinks – an original, unusual accessory – will help to give the image laconicism and grace. For a long time, it was considered exclusively male, but over time it began to be used by the beautiful half of humanity. Discover more information about this beautiful accessory in the following article made by our fashion team. All peculiarities of women […]

Spray Roses. Beautiful Base for Bride’s Bouquet

A delicate and elegant spray rose is the best choice for forming a bride’s bouquet. Miniature sizes, good endurance and a variety of shapes, shades of the palette make it possible to collect a truly elegant and stylish composition of flowers. The bride’s bouquet of spray roses will emphasize the exquisite and refined taste of the girl, which is so […]