Women’s Loafers. Multi-Tasking Solution for Perfect Image

Loafers, with all the similarities to men’s shoes, are incredibly comfortable shoes for women. The shape of the toe brings them closer to moccasins, but with a stiffer sole and a wide, even massive, but low, heel. They always have a tassel, a jumper with a slit, or a fringe in the front of the product. Let’s take a closer […]

Create a Fashion Bow With Espadrilles

This type of footwear of Spanish origin has long been present in the fashionable lexicon. The simplicity of espadrilles can confuse many. These are far from the pumps or oxfords that we are used to and which we know exactly what to wear with. Not finding a suitable tandem for espadrilles in the wardrobe, we can dare to buy a […]

How to Choose Original Uggs?

Comfortable, soft, warm women’s uggs have long and firmly entered our life. It is a pleasure to wear them, unless, of course, you will, while testing put them on in warm and slushy weather. And, if there are no such boots in the wardrobe yet, but you just decided to buy a pair, following the advice of your friends, then […]

Style Your Ballet Shoes With Everything!

Ballet shoes are available in the wardrobe of every woman. Regarding the age or size. A lot of you may think that these versatile shoes are easy to style and you don’t have to worry about them. In the following article made by JD Williams, you will find out what to wear with ballet flats to complete the look. What […]

Do You Know What‘s The Criteria For the Right High Heels?

Heels are not the most comfortable thing in a woman’s wardrobe. But they are able to transform the outfit, adding elegance to the whole look. EGO has prepared a valuable piece of information about how to choose the right heels to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Learn about women’s secrets of comfortable heels wearing. Pain in […]

Mules Fan? Here’s How To Choose and Wear Them?

It may seem to some that something completely new has appeared in the fashion world, but it is just a well-forgotten old. This relates to mules. Such style of shoes has been known for centuries and has been revived again recently gaining its position in the fashion world. EGO team decided to provide a bit of information about this particular […]

How Many Pairs of Shoes A Women Should Have To Be Happy?

Shoes are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. The funny thing about footwear it’s never enough. Shoe trends are constantly changing and improving, from season to season they amaze with their innovations. EGO has prepared a special article in order to answer that popular question about how many pairs of shoes will make a woman happy and how many […]

What Shoes Trends Should Women Follow This Summer?

Summer is a holiday of colors and lightness, where you want to feel comfortable and wonderful! Shoes play an important role in achieving this feeling and completing a spectacular summer look. Stylish fashionable shoes for the summer should be beautiful and combined with comfort and effectiveness. That’s why Pavers decided to create a summer shoe style guide for ladies. Read […]

How To Choose Women Sandals?

Summer is a great time of the year, which allows you to free your feet from tight boots and ankle boots. With the heat appearance, it’s time to get sandals. Today, manufacturers indulge women with a variety of models of fashionable sandals. Options are offered from different materials and interesting styles. Therefore, from all the varieties, each will be able […]