What Is the Purpose of Pulse Oximeter?

Almost every family has such important devices used to diagnose the physical condition of the human body, such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, non-contact thermometers. New products include pulse oximeters. We propose to figure out what kind of device it is and what is its use for each of us. It is essential during the pandemic A pulse oximeter is […]

What to Choose Between Radio and Video Baby Monitor?

A newborn needs constant parental care. But being around every minute does not always work. Therefore, to be completely sure that everything is in order with the baby at such moments, it is worth buying a radio or video baby monitor. Let’s consider the intricacies of choosing these devices. Radio and video baby monitor A baby monitor is essentially a […]

What Should You Know Before Buying Baby’s Wipes?

When a baby appears in the family, this event is very joyful and long-awaited. However, the life of the baby’s mom and dad is changing significantly from this moment. The child needs to be given a lot of attention and should be carefully looked after. That is why all mothers show completely justified concern, trying to do everything to make […]

How to Choose Nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a device for efficiently delivering drugs in the form of an aerosol to the respiratory tract. Inhalation with a nebulizer is a good way to relieve symptoms of acute respiratory and some chronic respiratory diseases. We will tell you what parameters to pay attention to when choosing a nebulizer. Read on. Main types of nebulisers There are […]

Flu Vaccination. Why It’s Important and What Do You Need to Be Aware of?

Flu is an acute viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. The main symptoms are severe headache and muscle pain, sore throat, cough, chills, high fever. Usually, the disease does not last long (5-10 days) and ends with recovery. But sometimes the disease can last much longer and cause serious complications that can be fatal. The flu virus is highly volatile. […]

What Shoes Should Doctors Wear to Feel Comfortable?

Medical footwear relatively recently declared itself as a separate type of specialized work footwear. Moreover, a large number of specialists in this field, out of habit, still wear simple casual shoes for work shifts. Let’s why should it be substituted with special doctor shoes and what are the requirements for footwear for doctors? Main requirements for doctors’ shoes First, it […]

What Myths About Allergy You Don’t Need to Believe?

The technical capabilities to fully investigate the mechanisms of allergy development have appeared among scientists only over the past several decades, and there are still many unsolved questions here. Therefore, the topic of allergies is still surrounded by myths and misconceptions that prevent people from making the right decisions if they unexpectedly encounter allergies. Continue to read to know what […]

What Is Jet Lag? Its Symptoms and How to Avoid It?

What is jet lag, can it be avoided, and how to deal with this condition after the flight? Let’s find the answers in the article. When preparing to fly on vacation, do not forget to change time zones. Jetlag can manifest itself in different ways, and there are several ways to cope with this condition, the most unpleasant result of […]