Lawn Turfs. Great Solution For The Yard

Almost everyone dreams of a perfect lawn in front of the house where you can enjoy your morning coffee and play with kids. If we take global statistics, then lawn turfs are the most common method of arranging a lawn. A rolling lawn is a natural turf layer with good quality, weed-free, mature grass evenly grown on it. The following […]

Chairs As a Valuable Addition To Your Garden

Having your own house is always complex and requires a lot of effort in maintenance. But after all the necessary work is done it’s time to relax. Garden chairs are ideal for this purpose. Having such garden furniture on your site, you always have a comfortable place to enjoy a moment of well-deserved rest in the lap of nature. This […]

Garden Furniture. How to Make a Right Choice?

With the summer’s arrival, heat-exhausted city dwellers flock to the countryside in search of a relaxing break. If your house outside the city is already ready, and you have not yet decided on furniture for relaxation, this article by B&Q will help you choose high-quality and comfortable garden furniture, which will not only give maximum comfort but also become a […]

Choose Your Best BBQ Grill Using This Guide

For many people, summer smells like barbecue, and in order to feel that smell in their backyard choosing the right, outdoor grill becomes really important. Besides that, the grill requires additional accessories – pans, skewers, grates, chicken roasters, pizza stones, and other equipment. However, with a full set of such additions, it can be turned into a multifunctional oven that […]

What You Have to Know About the Types of Lawnmowers?

Choosing a lawnmower is not an easy task. There are so many different models out there today that it is easy to get confused. The choice can be especially difficult if you are buying a lawnmower for the first time. To learn how to navigate a lawnmower tool, you need to understand what it is and what types are available. […]

How To Choose An Electric Garden Trimmer?

How To Choose An Electric Garden Trimmer? If you are having a garden in your place or a fan of luxury-looking lawns, then you definitely need a garden trimmer. Such a device is practically irreplaceable when it is necessary to trim the greenery near the house and give a neat appearance to the lawn. There is even an opinion that […]