Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt. A Versatile Piece for Sports and Every Day

Men’s long sleeve is both underwear for athlete and clothes for every day. Want to update your wardrobe? Then this article made by Gym King will help you. Learn all about long sleeve top types, materials, and current models. How to distinguish long sleeves from other garments? Pay attention to the silhouette of the product, its sleeves and collar. The […]

Men’s Leggings. Discover How to Choose

A few years ago, sports trousers for men had an exceptionally spacious cut, but today fashion dictates new rules. These trousers for sports, made of elastic materials, they are trendy, made of great quality, and most importantly, comfortable. You can wear them to the gym, pair them up for fitness workouts, or use them for active outdoor workouts. Leggings are […]

Sports Bras. Why Women Need Them For Training?

When women performing intense movements, the breasts move in different directions. Such free flight stretches not very elastic ligaments, and they do not contract back. This often leads to discomfort and pain. And the larger the breast size, the more issues can appear during the workout. If you want the pain to not distract you from training, you need to […]

5 Features Of Velocity 2.0 That Will Change Your Run

If you’re a runner, you might remember the first iteration of Velocity. Made to help push your runs to the next level. Well, in Velocity 2.0, we’ve taken it up a notch. We wanted the whole collection to be truly fit for purpose. With new fabrics, shapes, and ideas, we’ve made sure every piece is made considering the needs of every runner. So, let’s run through […]