How Can Special Sports Bras Improve Women’s Training?

When women performing intense movements, the breasts move in different directions. Such free flight stretches not very elastic ligaments, and they do not contract back. This often leads to discomfort and pain. And the larger the breast size, the more issues can appear during the workout. If you want the pain to not distract you from training, you need to […]

Tips To Choose Best Running Shoes for Women

No matter if you’re preparing to run a big race or working to get into shape, knowing what to look for in running shoes is key. There are several factors that go into choosing a pair that fits your needs. However, once you find the right pair, you may find yourself running in a different gear. Let us guide you […]

5 Features Of Velocity 2.0 That Will Change Your Run

If you’re a runner, you might remember the first iteration of Velocity. Made to help push your runs to the next level. Well, in Velocity 2.0, we’ve taken it up a notch. We wanted the whole collection to be truly fit for purpose. With new fabrics, shapes, and ideas, we’ve made sure every piece is made considering the needs of every runner. So, let’s run through […]

Essential Accessory for Sports Activities – Water Bottle

During training, the athlete actively loses water, which is released through perspiration and evaporates from the surface of a heated body. Doctors think that the body reacts slowly to moisture loss. The body has already lost 1% of its moisture at the time of thirst, and hence its efficiency has diminished substantially. As a result, during strenuous sports activities, it […]

Be Sure to Stay On Track With Your Fitness Activities With Garmin Venu Sq

Manufacturer Garmin presented a new product Garmin Venu Sq. Stylish sports watch Garmin Venu Sq with GPS and contactless payment Garmin Pay, with a luscious display, functions for sports and health monitoring. This device will please you externally and “internally”. Appearance Now the watch is rectangular in shape. The screen in the Venu Sq watch is LCD with a resolution […]

Forget About Charging With Garmin Instinct Solar Smart Watch

In this article, we will discuss the features of the updated version of the Garmin Instinct Solar smart watch. Key Features The name of the watch speaks for itself. The device can be powered by solar energy. This is what distinguishes the Instinct Solar watch from the previous version. The screen of the device is made using modern Power Glass […]

Treadmill. Your Best Solution To Stay Fit. How to Choose One for Your Home?

Those who want to buy a treadmill for their home or gym often cannot make a choice. There is nothing surprising. The models presented for sale differ in size, functionality, and price. How to choose a treadmill and figure out which simulator is the most convenient, reliable, and cost-effective, the information presented in this publication will help. How to choose […]

How Do Athletes Benefit By Using the Compression Garments?

Today we will talk about the use of compression products in sports. If you are actively involved in physical activities and take care of your health, then we advise you to pay attention to compression clothing for sports. In parks, gyms, and at various competitions, have you noticed athletes dressed in anatomical and tight-fitting clothes? This is the so-called “compression”, […]