BMW X5. The Car That Won’t Change!

BMW X5. The Car That Won’t Change!

For both professionals and novice bodybuilders, the main goal of training is to build quality muscle mass. The building material for muscles is the food that the athlete consumes before and after planned physical activity. Each athlete, in addition to a set of exercises, must choose the optimal diet to build a beautiful body. Bodybuilding enthusiasts have worked together to formulate nutritional guidelines for building muscle. Keep reading this article to find it out.

Mode. It has been found that the anabolic effect after eating lasts up to 3-4 hours. You need to eat quite often – from 4 to 6 times throughout the day. Then nutrients in sufficient quantities will enter the bloodstream and be used up in the form of energy. With excess nutrition, when the daily volume of food is divided into 3 meals, fat begins to be deposited. If the diet seems monotonous, you can use food substitutes with an optimal ratio of vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients.

Calorie content. A diet for building muscle volume provides for the consumption of about 60% of high-calorie foods (proteins, complex carbohydrates), 30% of fibre obtained from vegetables and fruits, at least 10% of fat, preferably vegetables. It is worth limiting the consumption of animal fats (pork, sausage, and smoked meats, butter) and quickly digestible carbohydrates (sweets, pastries). Sweets are acceptable after exercise, at which time the muscles consume glucose faster due to the increased production of the hormone insulin.

Water balance. Purposeful work on a set of muscle mass activates metabolic processes, and without water, they are simply impossible. On average, an athlete should receive 3 or more litres of liquid per day, including energy and water in products.

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About 2 hours before training, you need to eat a hearty meal, having received the proteins necessary for an intense workout and slow carbohydrates that are converted into energy. It is useful to drink gainers – carbohydrate-protein cocktails enriched with vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes.

The process of muscle growth is triggered by organic protein compounds of amino acids, in particular BCAAs and glutamine, which are produced in muscle cells. After training, the body becomes more receptive to the absorption of nutrients, all components are directed to restore muscle structure and energy expended. An hour and a half after leaving the gym, when the carbohydrate-protein cocktail and proteins have already been absorbed, you should have a snack with easy-to-digest foods.

Product selection. Sports nutrition for building muscle mass and the corresponding diet includes food groups containing components necessary for an athlete. The most valuable protein foods are lean meat, sea fish and various seafood, low-fat dairy products, and eggs. In addition, the body receives vegetable protein and unsaturated fatty acids from nuts, as well as from legumes (beans, beans, peas). By the way, lentils and chickpeas are also rich in BCAA amino acids.

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