Be Sure to Stay On Track With Your Fitness Activities With Garmin Venu Sq

Be Sure to Stay On Track With Your Fitness Activities With Garmin Venu Sq

Manufacturer Garmin presented a new product Garmin Venu Sq. Stylish sports watch Garmin Venu Sq with GPS and contactless payment Garmin Pay, with a luscious display, functions for sports and health monitoring. This device will please you externally and “internally”.


Now the watch is rectangular in shape. The screen in the Venu Sq watch is LCD with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, the previous Garmin Venu model had an AMOLED screen of 390 x 390 pixels. You can also turn on always-on mode so you can quickly view information.

The watch has a touch screen, protected by Gorning Gorilla Glass. In addition to the sensor on the right side, there are two mechanical buttons.

Venu Sq watch straps are made of soft silicone, very comfortable, and quick to change.

Fiber-reinforced polymer body. Due to the lack of metal in the case, the watch is very light, its weight is only 37.6 grams, and the weight of the Venu watch is 46.4 grams.

In watch mode, Venu Sq will work for 6 days, in GPS mode without recharging for up to 14 hours, and in GPS + music mode (for the Venu Sq Music version) – for up to 6 hours.

Main functions

The latest generation Elevate optical heart rate sensor that allows you to record your heart rate in the water.

A pulse oximeter is a sensor that measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood.

Body battery (energy monitoring) – helps you monitor your body’s energy levels throughout the day so you can determine the best time to rest and be active.

Stress Tracker – With this feature, you will know how your day was, calm or full of stress. The device also gives you a reminder to do a breathing exercise if your stress level is too high.

Built-in sports apps – Track your activities with preloaded sports apps.

Garmin Coach – With this feature, you can use the services of a free running coach in your watch to help you prepare for your next run.

Create Workouts – You can create your own workouts on Garmin Connect and upload them to your watch.

Cycle Tracking (Ladies) – Use the Garmin Connect app to get cycle tracking information on your watch.

Garmin Pay is a contactless payment system – a feature that will help you quickly pay for purchases and travel on some types of transport.

Sports Tracking – Throughout the day, Venu Sq keeps track of steps, intensity time, calories burned, and more.

Hydration – Keep track of your fluid intake throughout the day to get reminders to stay hydrated.

Thoughtful breathing – if you need to relax or concentrate, you can use breathing exercises. The watch tracks your stress levels and breathing parameters so you can better understand your own breathing process.

Smartphone alerts – Receive text messages when paired with your smartphone right on your watch. Android users can even reply to them.

Music – download songs, and use wireless headphones to listen to music without your phone.

LiveTrack – with this feature, your loved ones can follow your movements in order to come to the rescue in case of an emergency. The novelty also has Bluetooth and ANT + for wireless connection to sensors.

If you are looking for a smart watch for your fitness routine, then Garmin Venu Sq is your right choice. The range of functions together with an affordable price makes a strong competitor on the market. Find this model by visiting the Jacamo website.



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