Basic Dress – When Simple Things Are Not as They Seem

Basic Dress – When Simple Things Are Not as They Seem

A dress that can fit any look can be considered basic. The base is a thing of a calm shade, on which you can impose products of a certain stylistic orientation, at the output getting a complete look. A well-chosen dress can be worn almost daily, and it is not at all necessary that it be dull black or gray. There are several rules that should be followed when choosing a basic dress.

Simple style

In order to pick up a thing of the desired style, you should take a look at the contents of the wardrobe. For girls who adhere to the classic style, a sheath dress is suitable, and for a lover of a sporty look, an A-line dress is suitable. The dress should not be confusing with unnecessary details. It is best to choose a product without unnecessary decor.

Multifaceted color

The main task of a universal color is to provide a foundation for the ability to choose the necessary accessories. If a woman is used to choosing a lot of jewelry, multi-colored shoes, and a handbag, then the ideal base color would be black. If a girl is not used to multi-colored accessories, then she can choose a basic dress of any shade.

Lack of details

If a woman has a desire, then she can choose a dress of bright colors, such as red or green. But if it has all kinds of draperies, additional details, and decor, it will be more difficult to put it into practice, making images with it.


For a basic dress, a pattern that is evenly applied to the fabric is suitable. In a cell, small polka dots and stripes can act as a repeating pattern.

The relevance of the dress

The thing should be focused on fashion trends but without frills. More often than not, fashion designer pieces are not base-focused, as they incorporate multiple fashion trends.

Emphasis on merit

An ideal basic dress should draw attention to the advantages of its owner, and hide her flaws. A girl with long slender legs should pay attention to a short dress with closed sleeves, which will distract others from her full hands.

Quality material

When choosing a basic dress, you need to carefully consider the material from which it is sewn. The fabric should not wrinkle much and stretch during operation. High-quality fabric does not form pills, looks expensive, and is worn for years.

We remind you that the dull idea that the basic wardrobe is a set of gray-black things has practically sunk into oblivion. Everything so that girls with good taste can dress every day the way they like. And they wore black and gray solely out of love, and not out of hopelessness and inability to combine colors and things the way they would like!

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