Alcatel 3T8 Tablet. Portable Entertainment For a Reasonable Price

Alcatel 3T8 Tablet. Portable Entertainment For a Reasonable Price

Discover the Alcatel 3T8 tablet, designed for work and play for home and travel. Its lightweight body, eight-inch HD display, and powerful sound allow you to enjoy great views anywhere. Easily sync and stream content from your tablet to your Miracast-enabled TV. Reading and video viewing have never been so comfortable with visual protection modes, reading mode, and adaptive brightness and contrast. Entertain your child with educational programs and control their use with the help of Children’s Mode. Control your tablet easily with Google Assistant voice control.

Premium viewing

Enjoy watching on the Alcatel 3T8’s eight-inch HD IPS display. View, read, and play on the screen with optimized brightness and tonality that can be adjusted for all conditions, including daylight and low light. Reading is especially fun by adjusting grayscale, brightness, and contrast in reading mode. Relax in comfort with the exclusive Alcatel 3T8 vision protection mode, which reduces visual fatigue and strain on the retina by minimizing blue light.

Immersive sound

Surround yourself with rich surround sound with the Alcatel 3T8 intelligent sound amplifier. Its deep, powerful range provides cinematic sound for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Tablet frame and its features

The dimensions of the tablet are 95.8 cm less than the average (312.89 cm) of gadgets of 2019-2022 with similar screen sizes. The width of the case is 209.5 mm, making the device more comfortable to hold. In terms of thickness, 3T 8 is the standard among competitors in terms of 8.29 mm (the average of competitors ≈ 8.63 mm).

A friend to the children

Whether you are relaxing at home or travelling, entertain your child with fun educational applications and control access to them, using the Alcatel 3T8 children’s mode. Encourage your child’s healthy habits of not sitting in front of the screen with easy-to-manage time and time settings.

Instant synchronization with smart TV

Instantly sync the contents of your tablet’s screen and stream video to your TV with Miracast 5G’s dual-band Wi-Fi. Become a star of parties.

It understands you

Alcatel 3T8 with Google Assistant provides hands-free voice control. Start with “Okay, Google” to manage tasks, get answers, play music, dictate instant messaging, and more. Google Assistant activates automatically when you charge your tablet.

Alcatel 3T 8 is a tablet of the perfect size that allows you to stay connected on the go. Alcatel 3T 8, designed for portability, optimal user interaction, and user protection, provides comprehensive support.

Seductively thin and light (279 g) Alcatel 3T 8 will be the perfect addition when you’re on the go. Offered in exquisite color options and outstanding matte finishes, you will look neat wherever you are.

Alcatel 3T8 provides an around-the-clock connection and smooth user interaction. Offering 4G LTE, long battery life, Android Oreo) (Go version) and stability testing, this tablet guarantees you uninterrupted operation.

We hope now you understand the value of this budget-friendly yet quite powerful device. To find it, all you have to do is to visit the Three website and get it.



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