Achieve the Best Results with the Best Toothbrush

Achieve the Best Results with the Best Toothbrush

For a long time, the electric brush was considered a luxury item; today, it is a daily hygiene item that is used everywhere. Despite the fact that the device is widely used, not everyone is aware of how to properly clean their teeth with an electric brush. The quality of the cleaning operation is greatly determined by how we hold and direct it in the mouth, therefore before purchasing an electric toothbrush, you should become acquainted with the fundamental principles for its usage. More information may be found in this article written by our staff.

First you need to be prepared

To wash your teeth correctly with an electric brush, you must first find out how to prepare them for the cleaning operation. The first step is to verify the charge level of the battery. This is done in many ways, depending on the model of an electric toothbrush. Many gadgets include specific indicators that show the current condition of the battery. They are digital, show charging percentages, and flash up when the battery is low.

After checking the battery, you should pay attention to the degree of wear of the brush head on the electric toothbrush. Most modern accessories are equipped with indicator bristles that change colour after a certain period of use. If they become discoloured, it means that the tip should be replaced. Replacing it in a timely manner will help you clean your teeth more thoroughly and avoid the growth of pathogens.

If everything is fine with the battery and attachments, you should dampen your electric toothbrush with water and apply a little pea-sized toothpaste to the bristles. Spread the paste over your teeth additionally while the electric brush is not yet connected. After that, you can begin to clean the oral cavity.

How to brush the teeth?

Experts recommend brushing your teeth by first dividing your mouth into four equal parts. On average, brushing should take about 2 minutes or 30 seconds per area. The procedure is carried out in the following sequence.

Take an electric toothbrush and place its bristled head against the gum line at a 45-degree angle. The bristles should touch both the gums and the dentition.

Begin brushing by gently brushing your toothbrush from the gum to the cutting edge of the tooth.

Repeat these movements for each tooth from the outside to the inside. It is advisable not to hold the electric toothbrush in one place for too long, as the action of the rotating nozzle can cause the gums to sink over time.

To remove impurities as much as possible, pay attention to cleansing the palate and tongue. These places need to be cleaned with gentle rubbing movements back and forth.

In addition to the surface of the teeth, it is important to thoroughly clean the interdental space. For this, both an electric brush and dental floss are used, which removes plaque and food particles in the spaces between the teeth.

Finally, use a mouthwash or clean water to rinse your mouth. When choosing a rinse aid, it is worth giving preference to solutions that contain chlorhexidine. Alcohol-based products can cause dry mouth, foul odour, and even ulceration of the mucous membrane.

It is recommended to perform brushing at least twice a day. This way you can keep them healthy and prevent tooth decay. Use an electric toothbrush only with light pressure, as excessive pressure will cause mechanical damage to the enamel.

If you follow our advice and brush your teeth properly with an electric brush, it will greatly facilitate your oral care. The device will become a useful assistant in maintaining healthy teeth and will give you a beautiful snow-white smile. In order to get a proper model visit the Jungle Culture website.



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